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The beginning of the EURAST brand, dates back to 1951 years. Its manufacture focused on in the CHICKEN GRILLS, vertical, so imitated by other companies, many of which no longer exist.

Our history

The founder of EURAST was mr Ignacio Miró Argelaga, a visionary, of his time, who understood that over the years, there would be take-out establishments. Which as We all know that this type of business has proliferated with a large number. The slogan of the era was:  CHICKENS TO LAST WITH EURAST. However, and despite the years passed, almost 75, (to 2020), it is still the leading brand, and the one that has made the most grills, that are in operation in any country in the world. Then they were manufactured kitchens, plates, convection ovens, etc.

see advertising in 1963 - Anthology of roasted chicken

Third generation

Currently, it is the third generation that manufactures and markets chicken roasters . Following the philosophy of its beginnings and incorporating technical improvements year after year. With electric versions, gas and for firewood or charcoal .

recent project
recent project


Our product range was expanded, over the years, with kitchens , griddles , deep fryers , barbecues , convection ovens , extractor hoods , industrial cold and a long etcetera, becoming a reference producer / marketer , in the Spanish, European and international market in short. The brand has been represented at trade fairs around the world, from Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Lyon, Milan, London, D & uuml; sseldorf, Hamburg, Lisbon, Casablanca, Abijan, South Africa, Seoul, Dub & aacute; i , Singapore, Brazil, Chicago, etc. Which has made it recognized worldwide. It has its own factories or partners, in Spain and in Italy.


- The GREAT EXPERIENCE accumulated, after so many years in the market, which guarantees assured reliability.
- The EXTENSIVE RANGE , since It is the union of manufacturers of various products, specialized in hospitality, (MASBAGA-1,878, EURAST-1,955 and MACFRIN-1986) that led to the creation of GRUPOMACFRIN.
- The QUALITY , since all the products are made of 18/10 stainless steel, AISI-304, and components of the most Maximum reliability. And proof of this is that there are machines with more than 40 years of operation.


recent project